Monday, August 17, 2009

How Easy is to fool The Market......


Post written by Anshul Gupta. Follow me on twitter.

Take my suggestion:
Just open a bank, making sure that it has an impressive building and a fancy name.

Attract a lot of deposits, by paying good interest if that is allowed, by offering toasters or whatever if it isn't.
Then lend the money out, at high interest rates, to high rolling speculators (preferably friends of yours, or maybe even yourself behind a different corporate front).

The depositors won't ask about the quality of your investments since they know that they are protected in any case. And you now have a one-way option: if the investments do well, you become rich; if they do badly, you can simply walk away and let the government clean up the mess.i.e. if it is heads up you win and if it is tails they loose!!!!
This is what happened in US recently and in Japan in 90s.....

In all of these incidents, there has been an invisible helping hand behind, of corrupt politicians who allow these banker to go berserk and then play with depositors' money. And at the end of the day...government play with taxpayers' money...!!!

In this game they never loose any thing, because they have made profits in heydays....and made us bankrupt today!!!!

see these: video1, video2.

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