Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Impact of Wikileaks: Soon the Diplomats around the World would Start Hiding their Faces

Wikileaks has released just a few cables, and diplomats around the world have already started panicking. NYT reports that "Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday condemned the disclosure of thousands of confidential diplomatic cables, saying that it was an attack not only on American foreign policy interests but on the international community."

Of course its an attack on international community, because as I expect from the future cables, US alone is not going to be the culprit. 

Washington Post reports that "Diplomats and government officials around the world lamented the massive leak of U.S. diplomatic cables on Monday and many predicted it would undercut their ability to deal with the United States on sensitive issues." 

In Iran’s first official reaction to leaked State Department cables quoting Arab leaders as urging the United States to bomb Tehran’s nuclear facilities, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dismissed the documents as American psychological warfare that would not affect his country’s relations with other nations, reports NYT on Monday. 

India's top news paper, TOI reports that Clinton considers India, a self-appointed frontrunner for UNSC seat, which is also considered to be one of thr high point of Obama's India visit!

Pakistan'a top news paper Dawn reports that, US is trying to remove enriched Pak uranium. This would certainly change the image of US in the eyes of Pakistan and now they would have realized why US was being so friendly with them all this time!

Cables also discloses how Washington was trying to coax and cadge enriched uranium from Pakistan as recently as 2009. Saudi King Abdullah thinks President Asif Ali Zardari is a disaster for Pakistan.

Watch this news video: 

My objective in this post is not to tell you what more is there in the leaked cables, but to analyse the after effects of the situation. As a firm believer in free journalism, I fully support what Wikileaks is doing (no matter what the consequences be), hence I see the situation in the positive light. 

I foresee that soon the Diplomats around the world would start Hiding their Faces and would look for alibis like, Wikileaks is a hoax and these document do not belong to us! They would try to create several fudged documents to disprove the reliability the leaked documents. And my guess is that, they have already started implementing plans to mitigate the damage caused by wikileaks. 

The other possibility is that, they would start blaming each other (which is a vary rare possibility in this case where everyone is to be exposed as guilty by one way or other!). In this possibility, most of the countries around the world would alienate the US foreign policy in east Asia and would rather save their own asses in their respective countries. 

The third uncertain but very strong possibility is that, whole truth comes out and nobody is capable to do anything but to face the storm. They realize their mistakes and apologize to each other and few top people loose their chairs and world moves on...

No matter what happens, this world would never be the same as it was before wikileaks! This is history's biggest exposure of diplomatic frauds. It's only time can tell, that whether free journalism would emerge stronger or weaker after these turn of events...

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