Friday, December 3, 2010

Most Tempting Annual Report Ever Seen!

I recently came across a company named Temptation Foods Ltd. (TFL), its a major player and one of the largest organized sector enterprises in the Indian food processing Industry (that's what the company says!). But when one of my colleague at MDI (my B-school) showed me the annual shareholder's report of the company for the financial year 2008-09; I was shocked and could not stop laughing at it! Take a look yourself:

My objective here is not to express any derogatory remarks on the company par se, but to pay attention to the absurdness of making such a document which talks more about the beauty of a woman then about the company!

What do you think about the above page? Is it taking about the products of the company or something else! (You can write your comments in the comments page at the end of this post).
In the age where regulatory environment has become tougher than ever before, if companies still come up with such kind of annual reports which divert the attention of the readers from their underlying objectives, it's a pity! I hope that companies would come up with some responsible annual reports in future.
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