Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When you know its right

I had been observing and thinking on what incentive are people choosing the wrong paths of short cut to everything…And could think of ‘To save time/efforts’ –but that doesn't yield often as expected! ‘To get more’ –but that doesn't hold good too at the first place when your most of the pay-out is for wrong reasons & at the same time you loose on possible recurring gain from doing right! ‘To abide by lethargy’ –but if that is true, then lazy ends up doing more! ‘There is nothing to lose’ –And that could possibly the strongest reasons why people cheat at the first place.

For more reasons that we can think of; people don’t even imagine to understand that, it is a short cut after all…and will cut you short of your purpose one day. The reasons which only attitudinal theory of one’s belief system developed over a generation of teaching/learning since his childhood can attempt to enlighten…

For your own future’s peace; it’s always right to support the right and act right. May this cause you a loss in near term or at-least create a murky situation, but definitely goes a long way to build your position & the credibility of the decisions that you take afterwards. It also sets a precedent on which precautions for future wrong doing with you are created.

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