Friday, August 6, 2010

Ghost of Large number of Choices

Post written by Anshul Gupta. Follow me on twitter.

Are we being fooled by large number of choices that we face today? Andy Andrews; an inspirational author and speaker, once said, "The greatest power ever bestowed upon mankind is the power of choice. Choose to persist without exception. Hold fast to your dreams and stay the course, even in the face of exhaustion, rejection, and uncertainty." But that same power of choice is weakening us today while we consider our decision making abilities. Because we no longer have requisite number of choices, instead we have what I call flooding of choices....

For example, we know that in reality there is no scientific difference between Coke and Pepsi, but we tend to perceive them as different. We have so many choices in so many fields that it has now become a major cause of bad decision making. See the video (below) and this point would become more clear:

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