Sunday, October 3, 2010

Remember; its a Common Wealth!

Rs. 40000/- crores have been dwindled within a few months! Many bridges have been collapsed, swimming pools leaked!, and organizers of Common Wealth Games 2010 have already started finding scapegoats for the whole mess, and may be a safer passage for that scapegoat too! But dear readers, don't worry! This is not something new to us! We have forgotten that, this has happened to us several times in the past...

Remember; its a Common Wealth! Its our wealth, which has to be shared among us. 

There are people, of course in majority; who are worried about the India's image. Mind boggling questions like: "What would happen if something goes wrong!", "What will happen to India's chances after series of innocent top players are out due to ill-intentions of doping agents!", and many others...

Lets deal top of the chart questions first:

1. What would happen if something goes wrong?

Sharp Answer: Well...Do are asking a wrong question here! First of all, there is no such thing as "what would happen  if", because whatever possible wrong possible could happen has already happened! You should rather ask this question: "What if everything is wrong!". Why have we become defeatists just because The Times of India has done such a brilliant job of exposing this strangely gut-wrenching but simultaneously hilarious loot of our wealth in the name of Commonwealth? At least there are some fellow Indians who are making some wealth out of it (which otherwise they have made somewhere else!).

2. What will happen to India's chances after many innocent top players being out of games due to ill-intentions of doping agents?

Sharpest Answer: Well (as you must have guessed by now) are again wrong. Lets see, billions of possible silver linings here:

My take is that, "India will win 200 medals!". Given the rate at which the weak-livered champions from kidneyless countries like Australia -- imagine getting scared by a mere dengue mosquito! bah! -- are dropping out, we will soon be cheering ourselves hoarse as Indians win gold after gold in what becomes a virtual domestic competition. The downside is that our ministers will feel compelled to hand out Rs 20 lakh of our money to the winners, but at least the cash will go to sports stars rather than a greasy political shrimp masquerading as a whale or dolphin. 

See...we see what we want to see. When we see from the different angle everything (or even a mess!) looks different. I urge you to go and see for yourself if any single bit of information/guesstimate posted in the blog posts is proved wrong. I hope you won't find any!!!

Post written by Anshul Gupta. Follow him on twitter.

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