Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ideas to Ponder: "Are we the Enemy of the Reason?"

| This is the world of private hunches and no respect for the reason...

In my earlier post, I discussed the movie Peepli [Live], and I believe this movie would be a great way to begin with, for this post. For the readers who haven't seen this very popular Indian movie, I would like to tell that, this movie was based on following theme: "We are the Enemy of the Reason". Which means that we tend to believe something to be true, if someone from a higher authority says that, without questioning the logic behind it.

Let me give you few examples of it. And the first one is the from the movie itself! We blindly believe what media says (TV news,print media, or social media for that matter), as long as it satisfies our hunger of receiving supporting argument for our believes. But do we ever reason, with what we hear or see through these medias. Mostly not, and to be accurate: NEVER! 

Blindly believing on things like these, is the insult of human rationality. If people like Newton, Galileo or Einstein had believed the same way that most of us do, then would still be considering earth as a flat plate with no ends.   

And I am talking about things, that your beliefs wouldn't find convincing, but I am sure that your rationality which is far away from these dogmatic beliefs, would find them to be  logical...

We have thousand of such beliefs, which if properly reasoned, would become illusions. 

Watch this very insightful video: here.

So, my question remains the same..."Are we the Enemy of the Reason?" The answer to this question is: "Yes"; because our historical evidences provide us the testimony for it being so...

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