Monday, February 14, 2011

How do You Celebrate Your Achievements!

I have a very hard stand on this issue of 'how to celebrate an achievement'. I think going overboard in celebrating an achievement is foolish. I have seen many people, including myself committing mistakes when they feel bloated by the sudden jump in excitement level. These mistakes could be in the form of making BIG promises or pardoning BIG mistakes. 

It's very important to understand that, achieving something is not an end, but its a small step towards that. Way back, I wrote a post on such delusions of achievements. In which I talked about the sudden jump of our understanding of our potential. 

|Mirror...the best place to ask this question: "Have I done something, worth calling an achievement? Or Am I just pretending for those who seems to see it as an achievement as I do!"

Hey, I am in no way suggesting that, you should stop celebrating them. Rather, what I mean is that, we should be conscious of choices and decisions that we make while celebrating them. For example, Pilling a debt of $1000 for the celebration of lottery worth $500 is not a smart idea at all... 

One can celebrate an achievement by helping others in achieving it too. Although it might seem an Utopian dream in today's society, but I know that you know, it certainly gives us an immense pleasure in doing so. And that's why so many BIG achievers become mentors, or teachers in the later part of their careers. 

Nonetheless, we are human being and no matter how hard we try, we are expected to fail to realize the importance of what I have just quoted. But one day or another this realization is bound to happen to you my friend, so better if it happens today! :)
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