Sunday, March 6, 2011

Best Plan: Have No Plans!

Why we are always asked to have some plan? Why people regularly face questions like: What do you expect in future? Where do you see yourself in future? The logic is: 'If you have a plan, or at-least a goal in your mind, then your whole life becomes organized and you make right decisions at the right time to achieve that goal. But don't you think that, it's a self fulfilling logic! Because, when you have a goal in mind, then you take all the necessary steps to achieve that goal, and what about other things that you could do if you didn't have that goal in the first place!!!

The point I am trying to make here may sound a little confusing, but I'll try my best to make it across (in a humanized manner). First of all, I am not suggesting that, one should not have a goal, rather that goal should have enough flexibility in it, so that, you don't miss other things while pursuing that goal. 

You will agree with me this -
"we like surprise gifts, but at the same time, we like only those gifts which we want!!!"

Lets look it from the giver's point of view: 'If you were a giver, then would you choose a gift based on your preference or based on likings of the receiver of the gift? This whole drama is not limited to gift, and goals only, I bet that if you see things from this new perspective than, everything we do, is about plans! However, we have no doubts that, the true surprises (surprises without plans!) are the real gifts, whether you like the gift or not is a different matter, but one thing is for won't forget that real surprise moment in your entire life! Think about it! 

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