Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Education System in India

Post written by Anshul Gupta. Follow me on twitter.

Most of us have a proper educational background, even than there is something that most of us are still missing!!! Thinking…..what it is? It's education!

From a historical point of view, our education system was based on ethics, values, principals, free flowing of ideas, innovation, and mutual respect but now a day it is based on profit, jobs(placement), cramming, and mutual agony.

India was ruled by Britishers for almost 200 years and during those years every thing was modified the way, they wanted. So was our education system. Britishers started this systems of education in which students are molded to serve their owner, where employees are generated rather than owners. Because they wanted servants not scientists.

After understanding the depth of the issue: We need a completely revolutionized education system in India (& around the world). Several sanguine people suggested a new education system in India and few changes were made in CBSE & NCERT, but only in syllabus. After judging the needs of economy, government allowed private institution to operate in this space, but what happened? Today we have world’s largest army of young, educated but unemployable population in the world!!! They are designed to do a particular jab, so they can't do anything else!!! Absolute rubbish. In reality, they are the flawed product of the system which are designed to server their owner.

When we talk about changes in our education system what we actually need is:

 Better institutional infrastructure where lab instruments really work.
 Change teaching methodology: From memorizing to practicality (independent of memorizing).
 Focus of education should be broader.
 Board of governors should be intellectuals from the society rather than politicians!

Today, in many colleges most of experimental instrument are just for showing purposes. Because if you touch them, they will shatter into pieces .Computers in labs are sometimes good only for playing cards, old screw gauges, optical & electrical instruments are beyond allowable limit of error, mechanical motors are ideally idle most of the time. And what worst you want in getting educated?

The most important revolution needed in education system is the methodology adopted for teaching. God knows what we are going to learn by memorizing things which are seldom relevant in current context. Instead, the focus of teaching should be on showing practical process going behind that huge pile papers. It may be a complex demand to fulfill, because of lack talented people in this sector (Because, teaching a secondary choice for people...is you don't get a job, you can always become a teacher!).

The next important thing is to brainwash the earlier thinking. We need to look at the situation from the lenses of rationality; Creating innovative minds will help society achieve its real objective that is making life better.

Current capitalistic form of economy wants more servants than innovators, which is the biggest dilemma our society facing today.

Now let’s come to the last point i.e. Board of governors: These people are in the charge of making policy decision at the local level. Board of governors should consists of intelligentsia rather than politicians. Object here is very clear & well understood. In fact politicization of education is the worst thing that have ever happened to education system.

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