Thursday, May 28, 2009

Proliferation of Engineers

Post written by Anshul Gupta. Follow me on twitter.

Engineering; ones upon a time considered to be a prestigious career option. But time made it, a by default choice for all. Today engineers are roaming around like mosquitoes. As a rule quantity always comes at the cost of quality, as a result most of engineers today are unemployable. I would like to comment in this situation by saying that when government allowed commercialization of colleges in India, they virtually allowed instruments of unemployment generation in the country. Making the situation so severe that every body no calls himself a deserving candidate for the job available any where in the industry.

Instruments of Unemployment generation

It is not true that the above title sounds cynical; in point of fact it is the truth that is sounding acidic. I am neither saying that government should abolish all these colleges from India nor that students shouldn’t get the opportunity to be engineers. What I am saying that unbridled burgeoning of these institutes, without any solid watch dog authority, actually making them instruments of profit, for whom the driving principle is greed, instead of a larger social cause of making a society a best place to live for better people.

These so called educational institutes fulfills millions of dreams (while working in faulty & archaic educational system) of becoming an engineer, but what if they are unemployable? What if they are monoliths who can’t do, without a job in their respective field? Does it matter any more? People send their offspring to different colleges across the country to make them engineer, to make them employable, to make them better, so what if they fail? Nothing, except their parents will lose their hard earned money, except that student will lose his some good productive years & an unspoken list of things, personal & social.

People will argue here that our industry whether it is IT, manufacturing or banking etc needs qualified engineers, so why not be an engineer when situation demands that? But at the same time they escaped the significance of the word ‘qualified’, pictured above. Take the case of Bhopal for conscience. In Bhopal until a few years ago there were around 4-5 engineering colleges but …Oh my GOD such a huge demand? That hugely magnified demand created a big opportunity for several people to convert their black money into green, by developing a state of art corridor of colleges in & around Bhopal. And that corridor now deploys more than 70 engineering colleges. Please mark, that these numbers are still in developmental state!!!

Today’s situation yells that, if you have faced a pre-engineering test, than you are an engineer by default & it doesn’t matter that your test score is zero or in the vicinity of that.

Are engineers alone?

No. Engineers are neither alone nor the foremost in achieving this feat. In fact this trend was stated in by Art & Commerce fields & gradually engineers conquered them all. Third eye saw that most of these colleges are in fact either owned or patronized by politicians. Don’t ask me what is this third eye!!!

Wake up Call

Remember behind all these instruments of unemployment generation are a gigantic chain of coaching institutes, room/flat/hostel owners making a kill. Wakeup call says don’t go follow the herd. Make your own choice using full conscience possible. These guys are here to fool you. Besides making choice of only good colleges we should not loose our sight on present opportunities before us.
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