Saturday, May 30, 2009

When we talk of doing Charity

Go to any of the sacred places around the country you will discover that people dole millions of rupees every day there, but in their own home turf what they really do? A beggar stands in front of their home for 15 minutes, but no one comes out to give 2-3 chapattis to him!!! This is the irony of doing charity. That is, we do charity when we want, where we want! Not when/where it is needed...

What charity really stands for?

Charity: a system of giving money, food or help free to those who are in need because they are ill, poor or homeless, or any organization which is established to provide money or help in this way. This is a complicated definition given by Cambridge Dictionary. But in a more ground to earth definition it simply means: Helping somebody who is in need of it. 

We are fooling ourselves if we think that our Gods are need of charity, or work of humanity can be done at these places only. Yes people say that it gives them a sense of calmness when they do that, but have they ever tried to give help to a hapless? Believe me this short act of wisdom will give you thousand times more pleasure than at those places at the lower cost.

When we dole out money in a grandiose occasion, what really happens is more than 40 percent of our money goes to state government’s deposit, which then gets lost on some unconstructive activities. 20-30 percent is wasted in maintenance. Rest of money is used inefficiently.

What better we can do?

I always believe a help, directly given, is hundred times better than dolled out in religious places. We can do it plethora of different activities, which will create a positive impact on at least few lives directly, in return will give you a sense of satisfaction, like: helping 2-5 children from poor families to get education up to 12th standard, giving bicycle to a physically challenged child, helping a girl from poor family in getting married, helping a cast discriminated person, helping a poor in getting rid of corrupt bureaucrats,and there are millions more ways.This is a more pragmatic way of doing charity. There are thousand of intermediaries available online which could help you do this.

Is Self Satisfaction a Must?

Getting a sense of satisfaction in any activity is good, but can’t we make it’s affect long lasting? It’s a very unhealthy trend nowadays that people are indulging more and more in self procurement. They are choosing a path, which goes away from doing well to others. They have become such a short sighted animal that they can’t look long lasting happiness they may get by supporting the needy.

Why should I do it?

Because, this is the best example you can set of your humanoid. Yes we are not humans; instead we are machines in the shape of humans-“Humanoids”. Because if we were humans; we should be doing things which would characterize it. Those characteristics include helping mankind.

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