Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why there is no Looting in Japan?

Japan has seen some of the worst kinds of disasters made by man and nature both. After recent deadly earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant explosions in Japan, the most interesting thing that the world learned about Japan's; is its ability to show resilience and composure after such deadly blows. Nowadays, news columnists around the world are murmuring the same resilience in their respective social circles.
That is; why there is no Looting in Japan? Because, we have seen in the past in many other places around the world that, after such disasters, people generally go berserk, and they start thinking only about themselves... They loot everything they could possibly! But Japan has not seen a single such incident, even after so may days have passed after the catastrophe...Why is  it so? What makes Japan so different from others??

The columnists have quoted several different possible reasons which go deep into the Japanese cultural roots. "They (Japanese) work together to survive" -Journalist and social commentator Ed West wrote in the UK Telegraph few days back. Some other called it their shared national pride that made them do it. Few other good comments include - Discipline is the middle name of every Japanese, The Japanese are no strangers to hardship, and Japan isn't superior, just different! 

But let’s not forget some of the more important & prudent steps that Japanese took to avoid any situation of riot or loot in the first place. First, Japanese are some of the most insured people on earth! They have insured everything from their cars to health. And most of that insurance cover had been done by European insurance companies! 

Second, Japanese are less in numbers! Yes they are, when compared to other countries. And at the same time, they have all resources and capabilities to manage this scale of crisis. Simply put, they are the best people to be able to handle the kind of situation they are in right now. And when your people know that their government is able enough, they stay calm! Don’t they?

This would not be the first time for Japan to prove its resilience to the world, but surely it gives them an opportunity to improve and prepare better for future challenges. Nonetheless, rest of the world has still lot to learn from Japan on many counts…

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