Sunday, April 3, 2011

India lives the boyhood dream, but...

So finally, the 28 year wait ends for 1.21 billion Indians, India wins its second cricket world cup! I have no doubt that team India (Indian cricket team) played like champions, although they took some time to realize that! But this post in not about how splendid Team India played, but to throw some light on other very important issues that have gone to darkness because of the shadow of this mammoth win! These issues have one thing in common: they affect the common man of this country...

Political scoring: Undoubtedly, politicians (not limited to India.., this includes Pakistan & Shri Lanka too!) tried their best to score whatever brawny points they could score out of this emotions rich cricket frenzy environment in India. I can't remember a single big name in Indian politics, who was not present during last two matches that India played ( one against Pakistan, and second one with Shri Lanka). Of course, polls are coming and politicians are always there where voters are in plenty...that too, at the minimum cost possible, and such an unmatchable patriotic environment!

This impromptu love for cricket is not limited to our be-hated politicians only; actors (whose movies are about to release and who have been out of movie screens for quite some time), and businessmen all were present. Although, it will be totally biased view (of mine) if I say that all of them were there (in the stadiums) for the love of fame. 

Political scoring has not been limited to the cricket grounds only; because now, Chief Ministers of every state (from where any one of the players belonged), have started doling out money in crores too! Some of the states like Jharkhand, which don't have enough money to manage its own state of affairs (because of its corrupt politicians), are donating hundreds of acres of land to build stadiums, but not schools! Well...nothing that I right about corruption, politicians would amaze you (the readers), but what should alert you is the way these cockroach eating up the nation! 

State of other sports: A world cup win can change everything...Yes everything! For example, it has reaffirmed once dying belief in Indian cricket team. Today, we have crores of cricket frenzy people in India, which would die to see their winning cricket team. They could see their stars through one of the following mediums: upcoming IPL (Indian Premier League), television Ads (and now many more of them; but a recession time for many movie actors!), or News channels (of course this is the TRP time!). In this all craziness, whom we are forgetting slowly- our common wealth games' stars ( seems, Kalmadi has been the only star our of it!). What about building stadiums for other sports? Other sports would go back to stone age once again for some time!

I believe that some of what I have stated was bound to happen no matter who runs the show. But there are sometimes reasons why things happen the way they happen. Only time will tell us the truth (if it could), but there is a catch too...because, how many of us and how long will survive the test of time...?

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