Sunday, April 10, 2011

Questions for Problem Finders (in Jan Lokpal bill)

A variety of articles are now pointing out some serious democratic blunders in the proposed Jan Lok Pal bill by Hazare. You can read some of them below:

First of all, All these article are written from pure academic point of view, which not necessarily have any relation with the real events. The respective authors have proved their point (that, the proposed Jan Lok Pal bill is not the real answer to the corruption in India, but could be a future problem for us!) beautifully, using superb analogies between several different parallel (& so called similar) events happened in many other countries before.

The writers of these posts brought some serious concerns against the Hazare movement, and I am in no way can deny the logic given in these posts! Rather, I have some more relevant questions for all of you to think on:

"Well...if not Jan Lok Pal...then what else? Should we accept the current level of corruption as our fate and do nothing and say good day to everyone? And do you think that, if you can sustain the current level of corruption, everyone else in this country too...? Have you thought of suggesting some alternate solutions to current corruption woes, beside pointing out the loopholes and so called long term consequences???"

If you can't answer all these question, then please THINK!!! Because if you are not supporting Jan Lok Pal, then you are supporting corruption! And if you have any other view, don't come up with your view, but please come with some solutions instead! 

Second, we need to remember that, most of these points have already been raised by the government. The corrupt politicians can and will oppose the bill only on the basis of this argument (bill's future consequences for the Indian democracy!). But, by that time I don't think that these politicians will leave our democracy worth saving for, if the current rate of corruption continues...

And third, some of the references used for writing these articles are totally outdated. The newly formed joint committee will have the responsibility to make the requisite corrections in the bill. Read about the proposed changes in the bill: "Only appropriate person will become Lokpal: Shanti Bhushan".
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