Friday, April 8, 2011

The Two Point War between Anna Hazare and the Govt.

'Anna refuses to bend, Govt refuses to bend', says the latest headline on HT, as the 71 years old, veteran social activist enters into fourth day of his fast-unto death. 

Anna is getting support from all corners of the country. People from all walks of life, whether they are saints, retired judges, social activists, news media channels, bloggers, actors, other intelligentsia, and regular public are shouting their support for the new age mahatma. One of my friends says that, he is Mahatma Gandhi 2.0, because his personality is clean like Mahatma Gandhi, his cause is a noble one, he is getting support from everyone, and he is using the same method of protest that Gandhi used during India's freedom struggle against British Raj...

After, several rounds of meetings between Hazare's representatives and government's representatives have resulted in a deadlock. Govt has agreed on three out of five demands of Hazare, but refused to accept the two most important ones:

1. Issue of release of formal notification by the govt. for the formation of committee: Central government has outrightly rejected the demand. Why? Because, it they releases the formal notification, they can't go back on their words! And that's why govt. is pressing for forming the joint committee only through releasing informal notification! 

2. Issue of chairmanship of the joint committee: Government wants Pranab Mukharjee to chair the joint committee but Hazare's supporters are demanding that Anna Hazare should chair the committee. But, Anna personally has said that, he would be happy to be the member of the committee but not chairman. He said so, because he doesn't want to be called as selfish. 

Anna has played his cards very intelligently. He had clearly expressed his point that, he won't share the dais with any politician, so that, this whole movement doesn't get politicized. And the kind of support he is getting today is only because of his this stand. 
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