Monday, November 22, 2010

Most Shrewed Negotiators! (Part-2)

This post is in continuation to my earlier post (visit here). Here I will present one more example that represents the epitome of the shrewdness of Indians. 

Scene 2:

Those of you who have had privilege to travel in Indian railways would recall such experiences, specially in the general category wagon! 

Ticket Checker (TC in short): Ticket please?

Student: Sure... Take this. 

// TC evaluating the dates of ticket creation and expiry...//

TC: Well...this is five months old! 

Student: How can it be? I got it from the ticket counter in the previous station! 

//This is the hight of dishonesty! Indian students are known for extracting highest possible value out of Indian railways...and most of the time, its just extraction and no payment!//

TC: Whose luggage is this? 

Student (proudly): Mine.

TC: I think its more than 100 kg in weight! Have you got them weighted? 

Student(...politely): Nopes!

TC: I think you are in trouble son... you are without ticket and that too with quintile of luggage! The fine is 1300 plus 200, i.e. Rs. 1500 (about $35). You need to pay the fine son.

Student: But...but I am a student!

TC: I don't care...and neither this railways runs free for students. Pay the fine or I will have to offload you in the next station.  And there police will take care of you!

Student: Sir...consider this...I am a student. I am returning to my home after six months in these summer vacations. And I didn't have the time to take the ticket, and if had tried, I would have missed the this only train today. 

TC: I don't want to listen. Pay the fine or talk to railway police! You decide. 

//Thinking about the opportunity of earning some off duty income...TC speaks after a short pause...//

TC: Do one thing. Pay Rs. 500 and I'll take care of it. 

//Student was already prepared for it!...obviously, he had good experience in dealing these kinda situations!//

Student: But sir...I have only Rs. 50 with me! 

TC (furious): Waahhtt!!! Are you crazy? Or you think that I am a fool? You came to catch this train with Rs. 50 in you pocket! The ticket costs Rs. 124! 

Student: Actually sir...I forgot my money in my hostel. Rs. 50 is what I have in my pocket!

//Student had already hided some monay, about Rs. 650 in his under-pocket! uhh//

TC: show me your wallet. 

Student (giving his wallet to TC): See sir...I have only Rs. 150 and I need Rs. 70 for my bus fare to reach my home after I reach my destination railway station. 

TC ( painstinkly analyzing his wallet.. and speaks): Ok. you neet Rs. 70 for bus fare. Then you have Rs. 80 extra! I'll take these...

Student: But sir....

TC: Do want me to take you to railway police?

Student: Not at all sir.

TC: Then, do what I said. 

//Student did so...//

Corruption in Indian railways is not not new! From the materials procurement processes to waste disposal and ticket booking to ticket checking, everywhere you can find signs of a true public sector company which represents the epitome of corruption in India. 

The last decade has also seen the Railways retain their unofficial tag of being the most corrupt department after Defense, in terms of volume, though Telecom and Mining appear desperate to join the party.

Read a shocking report on corruption in Indian railways here.

Watch a video on it: Click Here.

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