Friday, November 12, 2010

Easy to be fooled by the Obvious

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who has won applause for his attempts to take India-US relations to new heights, like many others has been fooled by the obvious. Leadership of this country has misled the priorities, during president Obama's India visit Indian were more concerned about the seat in UN council than many other things. 

Obama is an excellent orator, he beautifully handled the whole situation. His excellent orator skills can judged by observing his speech in Indian parliament. 
Obvious_Ideas at the Bottom

He won not less than $10 bn worth of deals for companies in US, but in return he gave his support to India's demand of permanent seat in UN council. 

India is country, where still more than 50% of the population is living below poverty line (looking from the absolute measures). India needs roads, jobs, entrepreneurs, electricity, sustainable health care system ( expected investment required ~ trillion dollars). Then why leaders of this country still fighting for UN seat! Of-course India would benefit by that, but mere verbal support by the president is not a guaranty, as has been cleared earlier by Bush admin during nuclear deal.    

Obama was here to fulfill many of his strategic ambitions. Some of them are getting diplomatic support in Iran issue, earning huge business deals, showing Indians that America is their so called natural partner ( not Russia!). He deliberately bypassed the India-Pakistan issue that as said by Arundhati Roy; can be resolved only by an intervention by a third party. 

In all, the so called win-win deal, between India and US is not a win-win at all! Although, India is country where where intangibles (like permanent seat in UN) are more important than tangibles like  expelling a corrupt minister (RAJA of corruption!); hence this deal may appear a milestone to many! 
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