Thursday, November 18, 2010

Work and Insomnia

I once read an article on 'work and Insomnia' which says, "Insomnia is the second most common cause of absenteeism from work after motherhood. Are you stuck in the vicious circle of sleeplessness?" 

Well...I am certainly not in motherhood (as I am a male!), neither am I showing any absenteeism! So why I am facing a situation where symptoms are more or less like insomnia? 

Work load? Excitement? Hunger? Blah... that's may be true. Well a considerable thought can be given into this mundane but hugely important subject, but if you are loosing sleeps like me, then its better pay some attention to it. 

One of the possible solutions is regular exercise; both physical and mental. Physical exercise does not require my attention here, but mental exercise may involve doing things like: Yoga, Meditation and taking timeout to be quietness for some time on a day to day basis. 

Brain is the Boss of the body. And this Boss can only be controlled by itself. It's a sort of natural entrepreneur (just kidding :). But brain needs training before it starts controlling itself. Our subconscious is the main culprit, which stores plethora of redundant information. This subconscious is what needs to be controlled. Only our conscious mind (not to sound like Deepak Chopra!) can make an over layer of command programing which would guide the subconscious to start controlling itself. 

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