Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Rural Divide

When you visit a rural village in India, you would easily get to understand the rural divide that exists there. A village is generally divided in terms of cast, religion, or social status of its people. People argue that, these rural people are illiterate and don't understand the importance of thinking beyond the casts and religion....

My point of contention is that; are we urbanites living in a Utopian world where everything is as the way it should be? Have you missed the urban divide around you? 

Its very easy to pinpoint the divide in a village, because of its sheer small size, but aren't these same (and sometimes severe) divides exist in a city? 

Come on...have a macroscopic view of the city you live in. And you would come to understand that a city is divided in terms of not only casts and religion, but also in terms of your past! You will find that, all Sardars living in one place and all south Indians in other. Banlogies would prefer to have same locality too! Lower income people don't consider their time worthy of attention by higher income people and so forth...

Again, people have similar professions (like; all software engineers) would live in the same neighborhood. 

This clustering of people in cities is not limited to India. There are divide between the cities too. For example; we have city like Silicon Vally where software is the only dominating business of exchange. 

The most important thing is that; this divide exists not only in the minds of people, but more often physically! 'We are Indians and you are Americans', 'we are Chinese and you are Japanese' are some of the examples. 

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