Friday, May 14, 2010

3 Tips for asking better questions

Post written by Anshul Gupta. Follow me on twitter.

For effective decision making, we need an ability question consistently. But questions should never be asked just for the sack of asking! Better questions can help you get not only better information but also better groundwork for collaboration.

Most often, it’s not important what you ask but how you ask. Below are three simple tips for improving the way you ask questions:

1] Be curious: Doing all the talking does not make an effective leader or enquirer either. Curiosity is the most important part for asking better questions. Questions should be based upon those topics which are relevant to you and the person with whom you are talking.

2] Be open-ended: Try to use, what, how and why questions. Don’t just ask about events, but ask about the thought process and the motivation behind as well. I am saying that, because the core-objective of asking questions should not be getting just information, but understanding the hidden skills behind those processes which resulted in a decision.

Development of our thought process can only be done that way; otherwise we would always be waiting for someone to tell, what would happen next!

3] Dig deeper and deeper: Don’t behave like a zombie. And don’t accept the first answer until you understand the depth of the details behind and the real story.

This post is in continuation with my earlier post on having the ability to question. Read it here.

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