Saturday, May 1, 2010

Want to sell an idea: Tell everyone!

Post written by Anshul Gupta. Follow me on twitter.

"If you want to make God smile, tell him your plans"

– Spanish Proverb

It would sound a bit crazy to those who still haven’t created an idea worth spreading!!! But facts tell us that, if you want to sell an idea/ if you want to test your idea /if you want to improve it….do one thing to many: Tell others about it.

An idea is a nightmare if does not gets implemented…an idea is a day dream if nobody knows about it from you…

Pardon me, if I have confused “telling ideas to everyone” with “allowing others to judge your idea”. By telling others, we are not allowing others to make a judgment; instead, we are creating an environment in which similar minded people with a passion for making that idea a purple cow (in Seth Godin’s language!) i.e. worth remarkable, which gets implemented by shared action… We also get an opportunity to improve upon that idea.

The fear of somebody stealing that idea should not be in your mind, because, after all you are not going to walk the whole road alone…

Selling an idea is the jargon for inviting others to join you! And how can anybody join you if he is not aware of it? TED: One of the most talked about success stories which explains us the power of telling everyone your idea.

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