Thursday, May 13, 2010

Manage your energies, not time!

Post written by Anshul Gupta. Follow me on twitter.

Work life balance; the most important dilemma for the working professionals now a day. People are found to saying, I've got 10 hours job and I don't have time for my family. I haven't spend a single weekend with my family because of that. How can one manage his/her time in such a busy business world, where either you can have work or your life?

For many years people have been debating the two most popular approaches for balancing the work life. They are:

1] Consider the two as separate lives, and
2] Consider the two to be one.

The first one say, "do not discuss your work at home neither your family issues at work", and the latter one says, that we are humans, not machines. How can one tell us to segregate the two. From my understanding the second opinion is more near to the realities of the life.

But, I believe that both of them are totally flawed, keeping the fact into consideration that we are still struggling to decide, which one is to use!

The most important thing that we need to keep in mind is that our pattern of living life is different for each individual, and no one should adopt a fits all kind of strategy. Think of the ways, in which you optimize your energy, not time!

Yes, we need to manage our energies. We have been told since the age that, time is value, and do best to utilize your time. But again this logic is completely flawed...because as a human being, we all have same amount of time (every day), and what is different is the way, and the amount of time we utilize through our limited amount of energies (and remember we all have different amount of energies to spend in a day individually).

Energy is the scarce resource here, not time! And when we do that, i.e. optimize our energies every day according to our needs, we welcome the requisite work life balance into our lives...

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