Sunday, May 2, 2010

! Teacher

Post written by Anshul Gupta. Follow me on twitter.

When was the last time you heard a teacher exclaim ...

"I LOVE what I do!"
"I LOVE being with my pupils / students!" "
"My students LOVE attending my / our class!"
"It is an absolute joy and privilege to do what I do! I feel most fortunate."
"When I'm with my students, I am On-Purpose, and together we have fun / a blast!"

But what we tend to hear and feel from the teaching profession, is ...

"I am counting the days to my retirement!"
"I'd take a million bucks and a beach any day over what I do!"

Do not students deserve to be met with teachers every day who are On-Purpose rather than simply on payroll?

Is there any legitimate excuse for a teacher of students to exhibit the "Retirement, I can't wait!" attitude?

Reality check.

When on-purpose, being great at what one does comes naturally.

When off-purpose, "it's a jungle out there." And the results prove this out.

Who can afford the teacher at odds with his or her purpose?

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