Sunday, May 16, 2010

Right or Wrong


Post written by Anshul Gupta. Follow me on twitter.

The soul is the circle of which the circumference is nowhere , but the center is the body. God is a circle whose circumference is nowhere , but whose center is everywhere....
--Status msg.

Every person in this world has two sides: Bright and Dark. Nothing new for any individual, because you know yourself better than your dad (no pun intended). But look up to your strengths, care them , nurture them. I look the same in you. You look the same in others...

"Life is too short to waste your limited amount of time and energies on worrying about your weaknesses." If you start building the list of your weaknesses and badness as a human, you would end up with nothing but huge pile of things to improve! Scrap that crap withing you and start wrapping the beauty with your thoughts and actions.

Many a time, if someone doesn't talk to you, don't think he/she doesn't want to talk to you. Frame a belief inside your mind -" if you don't understand the circumstances in which a person is behaving or reacting, then you simply can't understand that person..."

I am frustrated by the simplicity of the arguments this world puts forth for many things that happen day to day. I am frustrated by seeing the frustration of others, sailing in the same boat... We are blinded by our actions and handicapped by our thinking... And it is true for myriad aspects of our lives.

For example, Billions of people are addicted by drugs... and nobody cares... They are addicted, so they can't control...but nobody cares beasue they think that these addicted people can't control !!! Its a vicious cycle where ...addiction is the seed...and uncontrolled behavior is the son..which keeps on seeding for generations...

we need to give them a moment of faith. They do these acts becasue they know nobody cares! but when we start caring them, they think twice before doing (not always...but possiblity is the seed for improvements). Somebody said, "we need to give them time". But time is the only thing we don't have in our hands...
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