Sunday, May 2, 2010

So much intangible!

Post written by Anshul Gupta. Follow me on twitter.

Once upon a time (no fairytale stories here plzzz) I had a thought (a action provoking thought …amongst billions of other thoughts!), that there are so much we do daily which is intangible, which can’t be measured/quantified, which we can’t justify as an achievement in direct terms.

For example, when we read online wisdom or get a new experience…we can’t tell after a month or two that we have read/learnt, 10 or 20 books worth of material, Can we?

I suppose, generation of formal schooling/certification had somewhere this idea in mind…

Today, I can tell you very confidently, that I have done my graduation in computer science & I am on the verge of completing my MBA. I have participated in activities of a few NGOs, and getting few certifications in supply chain consulting…But what about those things that I learn every day and don’t earn any certification or degree to show you!

There are so many such things that we do every day… Shall we try to make these things quantifiable? Yes, why not…

My idea for that was to create this blog. But there can be thousands of other ways too…What is needed is a consistent thinking towards making certain percentage of these efforts on making the things we do/learn daily, tangible!

No worries…if we are not supposed to do it right the first time…But one thing is for sure in future, we would achieve some perfection in doing it…Because the main reason for which we are doing it is that, we love doing it....

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