Friday, April 16, 2010

Ability to Q.

What this world desperately needs?







It needs an ability to question…

An ability to ask;”what if” and “Why” kind of questions…

What if, this world has the ability to ask “what if” kind of question?

…Then, this world would no longer be in a state of status quo…

…Then, we will embrace change…innovation…creativity…sharing…happiness…prosperity…resources…wisdom…

It does not mean that, we don’t have that ability at all, but using that ability at the moment of need is a different bat game (what if it is called “different bat game” instead of “different ball game”!)

Asking questions is something that we want to do, what we don't have is the Ability to question.

Generally, when we are in a group, or in a conference, we don't ask "why" many a time because our cultural barriers don't allow us to do so.

  • "What other would think of me if I ask a foolish question?
  • "What would the speaker think of my if I ask a tough question which can deride him?"
  • "I usually ask a lot of questions, and that can make my image of DCPv(desperate class participant!).."

These are some of the issues which can't be overcome by the listener or enquirer alone. Many a time the speaker needs to create a friendly kind of atmosphere where people are invited to ask the "why" kind of questions.

But there is one thing can't be denied anyways: "Leaders do not worry about all the above listed things...they simply ask, WHY". Are you the part of this elite group?

Go round asking a lot of dam fool questions and taking chances, only through curiosity can we discover opportunities, and only by gambling can we take advantage of them.

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