Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ability to D.

“Nobody cares more about your money than you do. It took me a long time to realize this, but nobody — not your accountant, your lawyer, your broker, your insurance salesman, your banker — nobody cares about your money the way you do. Everyone else will give you advice, but it’s advice that generally benefits *them* in some way, especially if they work on commission. YOU have to take charge and do your own research.”
--JD Roth
Author of the book: Your Money: The Missing Manual

What we need?

…We need an ability to make our decision ourselves. [Ability to D.]

This world is full of advisor and consultants…And there are more people who would like to give advice than really helping you out!

We should stop being string-puppet …

We should take charge of our lives.

Herd mentality won’t help you but to keep you in the herd!!!

There are plenty of things that we are capable of doing man... But we have an inherent tendency to wait for someone to start first. What we gain by this is the losing the possibility of a loss, but what we lose: we lose the adventure of trying things first, we lose first movers advantage and we lose the ability to visualize the things from our own point of view thereby ability to innovate and lead!

We trade our intangible benefits for tangible benefits (read:So much intangible)

We are short sighted moron! and we (not all of us!) are afraid like a mouse when it comes to taking the first step. Did we have a second thought when we trying to learn walking? or eating? No. So why can't we even learn from our own childhood? We are now mature adults, having lost an ability to decide!

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