Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hard Hitting Reality

Reality –a word…which is very different when felt, but very exciting and frequently used when just spoken…

We tend to see the world…not the way it is in reality, but the way we want to see it…

Facts: Bertrand Russell once told; "facts are facts, whether you believe or not! But our believes…are what our mind tells us to believe…"

And it is the hard hitting fact/reality, that world around us has never been perfect…Because, we can’t define perfection. A car made by Ford was once a perfect car, but today it might be garbage in terms of being perfect.

Reality is very hard to get into our mind…but when it strikes really hard…you start believing the facts!

What was intended by the creator of this world can never be explained/told by human…But meeting our ends by justifying every possible means (Our believes again play a big role in that process of justification!), was surely not one of things he would have ever wanted us to believe in…

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