Friday, April 30, 2010

Forget who you are

Post written by Anshul Gupta. Follow me on twitter.

It’s opposite of “Remember who you are”. It’s very easy to get trapped into the whole idea of personality and image in the society. And once we get into this self imagined world, it’s very difficult to get out of this. It would be like slaughtering your possible future image. The only solution to the situation is to forget who you are…

Come back…be a little alive…the world for which you tend to make opinions is alive too…the problems you talk about are real, and these problems are very easy to imagine but really hard to experience…

It’s very easy to be distracted by the day light, and the moments of self glory…it’s exciting to be in that state of mind for quite some time, but after a day or two, you have to realize all that mattered once is of no significance now…

So, forget who you are… Think about the days when you were born! There is a lot to make worth remembering…there is a lot to make worth forgetting…

read: Hypocrites: What we are !

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