Sunday, April 11, 2010

Business Opportunities at THE BOP #1

What is the difference between a developed country and developing country:- Information availability/ Access to information.

It’s true for individuals too…

Access to information is the biggest stumbling block in front of progress of a person/family/nation.

How can this simple fact offer us in terms of business opportunity at BOP?

A farmer in a village is being exploited by the moneylenders or mandiwallas sort of people because he/she does have the information; about: current lending rates, crop prices, right quality of seeds, benefits of providing education to his/her children etc…

These people in a developing country like India are being exploited every day, at every corner by these middlemen.

Where is the opportunity?

Well…the opportunity is: “ElIMINATE THE MIDDLEMEN”. It has profitable implications for both, Companies as well as the poor.


Yes, many…

ITC e-choupal : Proving crop related information and trading in agro-produce.

HLL: Sakti Amma and other initiatives.

Drishtee: An rural entrepreneurship programme; providing information in health, agriculture etc.

And many others…

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