Friday, April 9, 2010

Provoking Action

Those of you who have done their MBA kind of education would be in agreement with the fact that, what we learn in B- or C-schools doesn’t apply to the realities of the Business world.

Well…are we arguing that those Profs who have earned rigorous learning by working in businesses are teaching something else in these B-schools?

Not exactly…

The simulated situation which we find in a B-school's case study is after all is a simulation. And what we discuss in that simulated environment may not be what has happened in the reality!

And after all, there is a big difference between a thought provoking learning and an action provoking learning…

A thought provoking learning would guide our thoughts towards, “How things should be done”. But an action provoking learning would guide our actions towards, “What things should be done”.

There is plenty of wisdom floating around on, how things should be done, but rare are to find words on what things to be done…

Should I do this or that, should I just think or focus on doing something too…!!!

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