Monday, April 12, 2010

Business Opportunities at THE BOP #2

We are well aware of the infectious disease like spread and scaling of educational institutions around the country (Read: Proliferation of Engineers). Every year thousands of students are entering into newly stabilized or capacity enlarged institutions.

Well it presents at least two big opportunities for doing business. At the first look they all would seem crazy, but believe me they can be (and are already happening) viable business opportunities (BO) today:

These increased numbers of students are in dire need of good food and hostel facility in and around the city, specially near the college and coaching hubs of the city.

BO_ 1. Create a quality (and of course profit) oriented business, But remember consistent monitoring of quality being served is the key to sustainable success. The most important part is that, one doesn’t need huge cash to start a Tiffin/Hostel business. For hostel business, simply take a flate/apartment on rent from the owner and rent it at premium to these edu-lovers…

BO_2. This second BO is dedicated to those students, who made a hard time trying to crack GAT/MAT/CAT/GMAT/JET/GRE…and God knows what many examzzzzz.

Plz if you guys and gals have already invested (Remember: “You never waste something in business, you just Invest!!; specially if you want to remain in that business …!!!”) two+ years in these sort of preparation stuff… Think Htke….

Use your ability to mug (or understand, if I don’t try to be mean..!!), these concepts, by starting your own business; Teaching ! Ya, its that simple. Not really, teaching in itself it hard stuff, but remember: “Time can make anything soft…”.

So go on…these thousands of money packed students are waiting for you with your next business opportunity in every city….you name the city…they are there…. But where r U?

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